EU Sustainable Energy Week took place in Moldova
EU Sustainable Energy Week took place in Moldova
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EU Sustainable Energy Week took place in Moldova o.polyuga Tue, 10/08/2019 - 11:42

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Sustainable energy, environment and climate adaptation were promoted on September 27 in the context of the EU Sustainable Energy Week organised in Chisinau, Moldova.

Peter Michalko, EU Ambassador to Moldova, said that climate policies are influencing citizens' lives. According to the Ambassador, the involvement of the younger generation and civil society is a necessary condition for success.

Minister of Economy and Infrastructure, Vadim Brinzan, mentioned that sustainable energy means energy efficiency, green energy and a clean environment.

Victor Parlicov, national expert of the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy in Moldova, noted the growing interest of local authorities in carrying out sustainable energy projects and adapting to climate change. These initiatives are supported by the European Union. For example, the EU-funded Covenant of Mayors East Initiative aims to encourage local authorities to adhere to this platform and develop programmes to help citizens to save energy sources, focus on renewable energy and develop programmes to adapt to climate change.

During the event, the European projects in the field of energy efficiency and climate action presented their results and opportunities. At the same time, thematic discussions and presentations were that were organised were attended by representatives of EU projects and local environmental associations.  

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