Ukraine: Pokrovskaya OTG will hold Energy Days, 3/06/2019
Ukraine: Pokrovskaya OTG will hold Energy Days, 3/06/2019
Çərşənbə axşamı, 28 May 2019 11:35

Pokrovskaya OTG will hold on June 3, 2019 Energy Days, dedicated to the International Children's Day.

Events will be held in schools and kindergartens on the topic: “Grow your own clean future yourself!”.

There will be an exhibition of products “Alternative to plastic bags” made of paper tubes (boxes, baskets, baskets), bags in the patchwork technique, knitted avosek various matter, reusable bags (possibly with embroidery).

Under the slogan "Save energy for recycling, recycling of household waste and manufacturing finishing elements", master classes on the production of various plastic products will be held for children of secondary school age and pupils of the production and creative center for children and youth.

The public is also waiting for competitions, contests and exhibitions on energy and resource efficient topics and climate.

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