Ukraine: Energy Days in Merefа, 16/05/2019-14/08/2019
Ukraine: Energy Days in Merefа, 16/05/2019-14/08/2019
Çərşənbə axşamı, 28 May 2019 13:25

Merefa will hold Energy Days from May 16 to August 14, 2019. The public is waiting for a diverse program on energy and resource efficiency, climate and energy.

Open lessons in educational institutions, announcement of a drawing competition for children under 14 years old - “My Energy Efficient Family”, a report of the mayor on the implementation of activities under the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan, a visit to the first industrial power plant in the Kharkiv region and a private household, citywide event "Ecological workshop", the creation of a joint installation of household waste "Second Life of waste", ecological and sports bike ride, showing eco-cartoons in the KC "Sputnik", informational Application of the conservation of energy resources and environmental protection, and a round table on the topic: "Energy saving in residential buildings" - is that plans to hold Merefa city council for the city residents.

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