CoM East Consortium

Energy Cities (Consortium leader)

Energy Cities (Consortium leader) is the European Association of local authorities in energy transition. From 2017 to 2020, Energy Cities is under the Presidency of the City of Heidelberg (DE) with a Board of Directors of 11 European cities. The association created in 1990 represents now more than 1,000 towns and cities in 30 countries. Energy Cities’ premises are located in Brussels (BE) and Besançon (FR).


Climate Alliance - the largest European local network, founded in 1990, that unit around 1700 small and large cities, villages in 26 European countries, as well as various regional governments, NGOs and other organizations that are actively struggling with climate change. Alliance members, villages and towns with different population indicators, accept climate change as a global issue requiring local decision-making.

Kommunalkredit Public Consulting

KPC is an Austrian consulting firm active since 1993 as part of Kommunalkredit bank and from 2003 as separate legal entity within the group.

KPC offers consultancy and programme management services and acts as a partner and service provider for public sector clients and national respectively International Financial Institutions.

Over the years KPC has accumulated a wealth of experience in the fields of energy efficiency & renewable energy, water supply & sanitation, contaminated sites, climate finance, and design & implementation of Financing Facilities and support schemes through activities such as development consulting, environmental fund management and policy advice. KPC's engagement contributes to a sustainable economic, social and environmental development across different sectors and countries.

Quality management is a key priority for KPC which is certified according to ISO 9001 and applies highest quality management standards on internal processes and during the implementation of its services. For each assignment KPC tailors a quality management concept according to its client’s needs.

Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine

Association 'Energy Efficient Cities of Ukraine' (EECU) was founded in 2007. Today EECU unites more than 85 Ukrainian cities, both large and small scale, from all regions of Ukraine. EECU itself is a member of two European associations of local governments – "Energy Cities" and "Climate Alliance" – and the only national support structure of the Covenant of Mayors in Ukraine.


It is a voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit association of local self-government bodies that is created with the purpose of meeting the needs of its members and relevant territorial communities in modern information, new technologies, investments, development of cooperation and exchange of experience with Ukrainian and foreign partners in areas of efficient and economical use of energy resources, providing high-quality energy services, enhancing energy security, protecting the environment and ensuring sustainable development of settlements.

Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables of Moldova

The Alliance for Energy Efficiency and Renewables (AEER) is a lead NGO in the energy sector in the Republic of Moldova. The goal of AEER is to contribute to the promotion of strategies and policies in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy resources and environment protection. For this AEER applies a comprehensive bottom-up and top-down approach that covers three key areas:  support to energy policy reform; support to local public authorities; PR and Communication. Since 2012 AEER has served as a support structure for municipalities within the EU Initiative “Covenant of Mayors” by providing technical and financial guidance on the fulfilment of CoM commitments. These efforts have materialized in a series of demonstration projects on energy efficiency, transfers of technology and know-how in the region.


Interakcia Foundation is a non-governmental, non-commercial organization that creates and improves conditions for the sustainable development of Belarusian regions and towns.


Each region is a territory boasting unique potential for moving forward. Our activities aim to reveal and bolster such regional potential. Furthermore, Belarus is a country of small towns and cities; and we believe they should turn into growth hubs for Belarusian regions.


A region can ensure continuous and sustainable growth when it has capacities to attract investors and tourists, to provide opportunities for entrepreneurship and recreation. However, sustainable development also means care about the nature, comfortable and safe life, and preservation of cultural traditions while simultaneously becoming more connected with neighbours.

Energy Efficiency Centre Georgia

Energy Efficiency Centre (EEC) was established in 1998 by European Union  within the framework of the EU Tacis Project "Creation of an Energy Efficiency Centre and Development Natural Energy Study in Georgia".


EEC support renewable energy and energy efficiency utilization for sustainable development and as a result improve national energy security level and minimize negative environmental impact. Increase awareness of the civil society and the country’s decision makers on the environmentally friendly and economically sound ways of energy production and consumption as well as on the potential for renewable energy and energy efficiency.


EEC has become a supporter of the Covenant of Mayors since 2014.


In 2016 EEC was registered as an observer in the Green Climate Fund.

Union of Communities of Armenia

Union of Communities of Armenia was established in 1997, uniting all rural and urban self-governance bodies of Armenia.


Initially acting as a non-governmental organization, the Association was reorganized into a union of legal entities in 2009. The main statutory goals of the Association are to promote the development of local self-governance, protect the interests of member communities, strengthen the capacity of local self-governance bodies, and promote co-operation among member communities.

Noblet Media

Noblet Media a Public Relations, Communications, and Marketing Company founded in 2004 in Ukraine. Today Noblet Media operates in 6 Eastern Partnership Countries (Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Azerbaijan, Belarus) and in Kazakhstan, with headquarter in Kyiv. Noblet Media has been an Edelman affiliate since 2008, the world’s largest and top-ranked communications agency, and officially represents Edelman in the 7 countries mentioned above. Agency provides a full range of professional public relations services. 

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