Belarus: Competition #EUSEW20BY for the Best Story about Clean Energy in your city
Belarus: Competition #EUSEW20BY for the Best Story about Clean Energy in your city
2020-06-15 - 2020-06-24

The “Covenant of Mayors - East” project together with the “Interakcia” Foundation announces a competition «Discovery of How Your City is Going Climate Resilient» in Belarus for the signatory cities of the European “Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy” initiative, dedicated to the annual Sustainable Energy Week (#EUSEW2020). The competition is open from the 15th through 24th of June for any participants, without limitation by age or other characteristics.

To participate in the competition, the Participant must:

  1. Subscribe to the official CoM East Facebook and/or Instagram accounts and to the “Interakcia” Local Foundation for Promotion of International Dialogue and Cooperation Facebook and/or Instagram accounts. 
  2. Post a video or a photo story on a separate personal account in the public domain (media content on Facebook and/or Instagram stories is also considered) telling about the sources of clean energy in your area/city/urban settlement/village.
  3. Mention the official Facebook and/or Instagram accounts of the CoM East project (links above) and the “Interakcia” Foundation (links above) and to #EUSEW20BY hashtag. Creativity and humor are welcomed. Only one video or one photo story per person/team is allowed.

Participants who plan to post photos/videos on Facebook and/or Instagram stories are requested to send screenshots of their stories with the number of views to Olga Salakheyeva at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., the communication expert of the “Covenant of Mayors-East” project in Belarus, by the 24th of June (inclusiding).

The three winners will be determined on the 25th of June. The winner of the first place will be awarded an action camera GoPro (with cost equivalent to the amount of 350 Belarusian rubles). A portable charger will be awarded for the second place (equivalent to the amount of 240 Belarusian rubles) and an outdoor tripod for third place (equivalent to the amount of 195 Belarusian rubles). 

You can find the map of Covenant signatories at CoM East home page. The Rules and Regulations (in Russian) are available at the Interakcia website and here

Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy is an urban climate and energy initiative of the European Union bringing together local, regional and national authorities voluntarily committed to implementing the EU climate and energy objectives. With over 10000 signatories representing more than 320 million citizens, it has become the world’s largest climate and energy initiatives.

EU Sustainable Energy Week / Energy Day is the largest event dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe and beyond. It brings together public authorities, private companies, NGOs and consumers to promote initiatives to save energy and move towards renewables for clean, secure and efficient power.

Covenant of Mayors East (CoM East) is the EU-funded Project aimed at bringing together local and regional authorities of the Eastern Partnership countries in implementing sustainable energy policies, reducing their dependence on fossil fuels, increasing security of energy supply and facilitating the global movement on climate change mitigation. Out of more than 368 communities from the Eastern Partnership countries 48 Belarusian local government bodies committed themselves to reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 20% or 30%. 

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