Moldova: Covenant of Mayors Alley was planted in Stauceni
Moldova: Covenant of Mayors Alley was planted in Stauceni

The Covenant of Mayors Alley was planted on October 22, 2020 in the park at the entrance to Stauceni City, Chisinau. The seedlings were provided by the EU project "Covenant of Mayors East" as a prize for the active participation of the area in the European Sustainable Energy Week. The alley was also supplemented by trees purchased by the Stauceni City Council.

The seedlings planted on the Covenant of Mayors Alley have a protected root that ensures 100% survival rate. A total of 22 lindens were planted.

The event on planting seedlings was attended by the Mayor Aleksandru Vorniku, the Deputy Mayor Sergiu Lazarencu, the Representative of the European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova Ion Guzun and the National Expert of the Covenant of Mayors in Moldova Victor Parlicov.

In his welcoming speach, the mayor Aleksandru Vorniku thanked the guests for their presence, as well as for the award from the EU. The mayor noted that the landing site was not chosen by chance. “One of the priority tasks for the next year is the reconstruction of this park. According to the project, on this 1.8 hectare site we will make sidewalks, install outdoor furniture, video surveillance, a rainwater catching system, an irrigation and soundproofing systems. The seedlings planted today will become the main alley of the park,” explained Alexandru Vornik. “I would also like to inform you that the Stauceni City Council has completed the development of a local action plan for sustainable energy and climate. We will continue taking the necessary steps to approve it in Brussels, which will open a direct path to access to European funds,” the mayor concluded.

“The EU encourages and supports measures on the environment protection, energy efficiency improvement and sustainable practices promotion. I am grateful that I was allowed to take part in the planting of this alley. We hope that both the residents of the commune and the guests will like it,” said Ion Guzun, the representative of the EU Delegation to Moldova.

The national expert of the Covenant of Mayors in Moldova, Victor Parlicov, said that the Stauceni City Council managed to impress the jury during the competition “Online excursions to the settlements of the CoM signatories” that was held within the framework of the European Sustainable Energy Week (22-26 June, 2020). “Having created this alley, Stauceni became the first settlement among the signatories of the EU Covenant of Mayors initiative, which includes the Covenant of Mayors Alley. We hope it will last for many more years,” said Victor Parlikov.

Eight trees were purchased under the EU Covenant of Mayors East project, and 14 seedlings were funded by the city council.

Stauceni City joined the Covenant of Mayors on Climate and Energy in 2017.

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