Ukraine: Online training on "SE(С)AP financing"
Ukraine: Online training on "SE(С)AP financing"

For two weeks, Ukrainian Signatories from 10 territorial communities participated in online training on attracting funding for the SE(C)AP implementation.

It was an interesting team work at the level of Signatories and trainers, which made it possible to practically discuss the following issues:

  • how to prepare an investment plan for the SE(C)AP implementation and justify the financial framework of the territorial community budget;
  • how to form a sustainable team for the SE(C)AP implementation and build a project management system at the municipal level;
  • how to prepare documents for the borrowing approval from IFIs for the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine and what are the typical mistakes in case of receiving a negative response from the Ministry of Finance;
  • how to develop project proposals for IFIs and donors in accordance with their requirements.

The participants also calculated the economic indicators of projects, ranked projects within the framework of the SECAP in accordance with the approved requirements, discussed the existing project management structures at the municipal level and tried to improve them.

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