Opening of the first municipal commercial PV power plant combined with sustainable energy technology expo-exhibition in Artik
Opening of the first municipal commercial PV power plant combined with sustainable energy technology expo-exhibition in Artik

 EU Sustainable Energy Days

Opening of the first municipal commercial PV power plant combined with sustainable energy technology expo-exhibition in Artik.
Within the framework of the EuropeAid/155713/DH/ACT/Multi grant program of the European Union "Covenant of Mayors Projects" to enhance the visibility of the "EU for Armenia's Sustainable Energy" program implemented jointly by the "Foundation to Save Energy" NGO and "Union of Communities of Armenia" NGO (Covenant Supporters in Armenia) organized several awareness-raising events on 25-30 of April in Yerevan and Artik city of Shirak region of Armenia.
Municipal Sustainable Energy Forum was held on April 25 to bring together national and local sustainable energy policy makers, professionals, private companies, donors and financial institutions to discuss EU4ASEP program achievements and lessons learned, as well as investment opportunities that can be used by other communities after the EU4ASEP project is completed.
With the scope of the forum, a presentation on the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy as well as on the objectives and activities of the third phase of the CoM East project was delivered by Mr. Artem Kharazyan, project Country Expert in Armenia.
After a Municipal Sustainable Energy Forum on April 25, the EU4ASEP project partners “Women for Climate and Energy” NGO (WICE) held two days of educational seminars for selected teams representing ten different schools from Artik enlarged communities. The teams learned about climate change, energy efficiency and renewable energy and competed in quizzes. The best performing five teams conducted hands-on energy audits and made presentations of their energy audit reports.
The Sustainable Energy Technology Expo-Exhibition on April 30, 2022 was opened with a red ribbon-cutting ceremony and welcome speeches by the Shirak Region Governor Mrs. Nazeli Baghdasaryan, EUD international Aid/Coopeeration officer Mr. Andrea Baggioli, the Head of Artik Enlarged Community Mr. Anan Voskanyan.
The expo brought over a dozen of sustainable energy (SE) technologies to Artik to inform and showcase the accessible and modern SE solutions in Armenia, and even get quote for their home solar system. The expo participants, who answered SE questions received lottery tickets and received prizes – water bottles, solar power banks, mugs, caps and T-shirts, and enjoyed a live concert by Gyumri-based band “Jranerk”.
After the expo opening, a press-conference was held at the Artik Municipality, where the press received information about the EU4ASEP project, Covenant of Mayors, prospects for sustainable energy investments in other communities, etc.
Mr. Andrea Baggioli, International Aid / Cooperation Officer of EU Delegation to Armenia mentioned that "The EU within the Covenant of Mayors helps local Armenian authorities to translate their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction ambitions into reality. The 33 KW solar net metering in Aparan and the Artik 600kWp Solar Power Station show the joint EU-Armenia vision for making cities decarbonised and resilient, where citizens have access to secure, sustainable and affordable energy."
Concurrent with the EXPO, a Press Tour accompanied the representatives of EU Delegation, Artik Muncipality, the staff of the newly created “Artik Solar Plant” community non-commercial organization marking the opening of the EU-CoM 600kWp Solar Power Plant – the first, municipally-owned, grid-connected, licensed solar plant constructed under EU4ASEP project in Artik. The EU4ASEP project was financed by the European Union with 20% co-financing by Artik and Aparan municipalities.
The EU values and supports the implementation of projects that boost the development of sustainable energy in Armenia's communities. The development of sustainable energy, in particular solar energy, in the communities of Armenia is significant both in terms of increasing the country's energy security and independence, as well as for the energy stability of communities, solving environmental problems, and transition to a "green city" system with energy-efficient solutions.

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