The water-related issues have garnered the attention of the Georgian Covenant of Mayors signatories
The water-related issues have garnered the attention of the Georgian Covenant of Mayors signatories

On March 28, 2028, the launch event of the "South Caucasus Regional Water Management" (SCRWM) Program commenced, focusing on the discussion of water-related issues with the participation of various stakeholders. The event was arranged as part of the USAID-funded SCRWM program in partnership with the EU-funded "CoM East| project. It brought together 32 Georgian Covenant of Mayors signatories and other stakeholders to discuss on municipal water security, sustainable water resource management, and water-related climate change adaptation.

To emphasize the crucial role of water in climate change adaptation at the municipal level, the event set three primary objectives. Firstly, to provide dialogue regarding the implications of the recently adopted Georgian Law on Water Resource Management for fostering sustainable water management within urban environments. Secondly, to facilitate knowledge exchange concerning the significance of water security and resource management in promoting sustainable and climate-resilient local development. Thirdly, to encourage the municipal governments to reflect on their needs and challenges in sustainable water resource management in the context of climate change.

The event opened with opening remarks delivered by Ms. Mzia Giorgobiani, Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Infrastructure, and Ms. Nino Tandilashvili, Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia. Additionally, speeches were given by Mr. Eric Viala, Chief of the Party of the USAID South Caucasus Regional Water Management Program, representatives from the USAID Caucasus Office, and Mr. Christophe Fréring, Team Leader of the Covenant of Mayors East.  All key speakers noted the critical importance of water in all its dimensions, notably emphasizing its pivotal role, particularly in addressing challenges intensified by climate change. Also, they emphasized the importance of ensuring access to water for the well-being of local populations, recognizing it as essential for sustaining livelihoods and fostering sustainable development amidst climate change pressures. In the second part of the event, the floor was given to the representatives of the municipalities where they spoke about the challenges facing g the Georgian municipalities in terms of water-related issues not only municipal and/or urban level but also in terms of solutions for disaster risk reduction, as well as efforts to enhance water security for climate change adaptation.

About the SCRWM program: South Caucasus Regional Water Management Program (SCRWM) is a 5-year regional program funded by the USAID and implemented by Deloitte Consulting LLP in the South Caucasus. Its goal is to support effective regional cooperation and water management for the promotion of regional stability and resilience through advancing stakeholder engagement and effective regional cooperation in water management in the region. Working collaboratively
with key stakeholders from relevant government ministries, the private sector, civil society, academia, and water-related institutions, the program intends to catalyze regional environmental and water management cooperation on shared priorities; support harmonization of water management policy frameworks and introduce new technologies to advance social, economic, environmental, and climate change objectives for the prosperity and stability in the South Caucasus Region.

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