Covenant of Mayors delegation participated in the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024 in Berlin
Covenant of Mayors delegation participated in the Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024 in Berlin

With the support of the Covenant of Mayors - Eastern Partnership initiative, a delegation from Ukraine, including representatives from the Odesa Regional State Administration and the Yasinya community (Zakarpattia Region), took part in the third International Ukraine Recovery Conference 2024 (URC2024), which took place in Berlin on June 11-12, 2024.

The conference, themed "United in defense. United in recovery. Stronger together," brought together over 3,400 participants from governments, international organizations, financial institutions, businesses, and civil society to discuss Ukraine's post-war recovery and reconstruction efforts.

The head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, Oleh Kiper, presented two projects aimed at boosting the region's resilience and agricultural output. The first project focuses on harnessing solar energy as an alternative power source, addressing the pressing need for sustainable energy solutions in the wake of war-damaged infrastructure. The second initiative targets the agricultural sector, introducing advanced irrigation systems to combat drought and low crop yields.

"With this technology, we can double our agricultural productivity," Kiper stated. He also signed a pivotal Memorandum of Understanding with the Italian government, securing support for the region's recovery efforts.

The head of the Yasinia community, Andriy Deliatynchuk, together with Ilona Moroziuk, head of the "Association of Enterprises and Entrepreneurs of Yasinya Valley," and Stepan Shtefuriak, head of the education, culture, youth, and sports department of the community, highlighted two critical infrastructure projects: the construction of a new school in Kvasy village and the reconstruction of a kindergarten in Yasinya town.

"These projects are vital for our community's future," Deliatynchuk explained. "They will provide safe, modern educational facilities for our children and those displaced by the conflict."

The Yasinya delegation also outlined four key areas for potential collaboration: energy efficiency, tourism development, agriculture and sheep farming, and the woodworking industry.

The conference saw the launch of the Coalition for Sustainable Cities, a joint initiative by Ukraine, Germany, and international partners. This coalition has already mobilized around 2 billion euros, half of which is earmarked for subnational authorities under the EU Mechanism for Ukraine.

Over 110 agreements were signed during the conference, totaling more than 16 billion euros in commitments and announcements.

As Ukraine continues to defend its sovereignty, the URC2024 stands as a testament to the international community's commitment to the country's future.
The successful presentation of local and regional projects at this high-level conference marks a significant milestone in Ukraine's journey towards recovery and reconstruction. As these initiatives move from planning to implementation, they promise to play a crucial role in shaping Ukraine's resilient and prosperous future.

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