Azerbaijan embraces sustainable future with inaugural Energy Week
Azerbaijan embraces sustainable future with inaugural Energy Week

Azerbaijan held its first-ever Sustainable Energy Week, marking a significant milestone in its commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainable development. This nationwide initiative, aligned with Azerbaijan's declaration of 2024 as the Green World Solidarity Year, saw engaging events across multiple cities, fostering awareness and action on sustainable energy practices.



Khirdalan Takes Center Stage in Energy Innovation

The city of Khirdalan emerged as a focal point for sustainable energy promotion:

  1. Youth Engagement: On June 11, 2024, a compelling photo competition exhibition titled "Sustainable Energy" showcased the creative works of 20 students from five local schools. This event, held in collaboration with the Covenant of Mayors-East, aimed to inspire young minds to envision a sustainable future.
  2. Early Education: The following day witnessed an Interactive Kindergarten event at West Kids Place, where ecologist Ms. Ayshan Damirli from Ekosfera Environmental and Social Centre introduced 5-6-year-olds to environmental protection and energy efficiency concepts through age-appropriate activities.
  3. Technology Showcase: Heydar Aliyev Park transformed into an open-air exhibition of cutting-edge alternative energy technologies. Leading companies Helind LLC, Provitaz LLC, and SWTECH LLC demonstrated practical applications of solar panels, wind turbines, and EV charging stations, bridging the gap between innovation and everyday life.
  4. Business Engagement: A high-level business roundtable brought together industry leaders, academics, and environmental experts. Speakers, including Professor Nurmahammad Mammadov and Mr. Chingiz Mammadov, COP29 Advisor, highlighted the economic benefits of embracing sustainable energy solutions.

Sheki and Ganja Join the Green Movement

The energy week's reach extended beyond Khirdalan:

  1. Sheki: The municipality organized an educational field trip to the local Small Hydro Power Plant for Mathematics and Physics Lyceum students. This hands-on experience, led by plant head Mr. Aydin Xalilov, offered insights into renewable energy generation and the city's sustainable energy action plan.
  2. Ganja: On May 2, 2024, the Nizami Municipality partnered with the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy to host "Energy Days" at Ganja Dunya School. The event featured a drawing competition and educational sessions on alternative energy sources and energy-saving practices.


A Sustainable Vision for Azerbaijan

This inaugural Sustainable Energy Week represents a pivotal moment in Azerbaijan's journey towards a greener future. The initiative has laid a strong foundation for ongoing dialogue and action on sustainable energy practices by engaging diverse segments of society- from schoolchildren to business leaders.

As Azerbaijan prepares to host COP29, these local efforts demonstrate the country's growing commitment to addressing global environmental challenges. The success of Sustainable Energy Week paves the way for expanded environmental initiatives and reinforces Azerbaijan's role as an emerging leader in sustainable development within the region.

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