CoM East: Webinar on the City Climate Finance Gap Fund
CoM East: Webinar on the City Climate Finance Gap Fund

On January 26, 2021 at 12:00 CET CoM East project together with Global Covenant of Mayors will hold a webinar on the City Climate Finance Gap Fund.

The key goal of the Gap Fund is to help cities in developing and emerging countries turn resilient low-carbon ideas into strategies and finance-ready projects through:

  • Supporting city climate strategy development and the generation of in-depth analytics to assess the climate action and resilience potential of plans and investment programs;
  • Providing capacity building for low-carbon capacity and climate-resilient urban development;
  • Supporting the prioritization of investments as part of a climate strategy or investment program;
  • Defining project concept definitions and the components of pre-feasibility studies;
  • Supporting a strengthened approach to project financing;
  • Matchmaking with additional support sources for later stages of project preparation;
  • Offering potential support to fill in other project preparation gaps.

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