Project Proposals for Financing

This section provides a database of municipal project proposals submitted by the most advanced and motivated Covenant signatories. The database has been developed to increase transparency of local investments and enhance match-making opportunities among the local and regional authorities, local stakeholders as well as potential national and international financing institutions, thus facilitating materialization of SEAP/SECAP measures of CoM East signatories.

The proposals are combined in the national project pipelines and, depending on each country, cover the following sectors:

  • Climate
  • District heating
  • Energy efficient buildings
  • Energy efficient transport
  • Renewable energy
  • Street lighting
  • Waste management

In each sector, the downloadable forms provide a short summary of each municipal project proposal: information on the municipality including the contact persons, pilot facilities or objects, technical aspects of the proposed measures, needed investments and expected energy saving and GHG emission reduction benefits.

Information is mainly available in national and English languages. Exceptions are project proposals of Belarus and Ukraine, which are presented in Russian and Ukrainian languages accordingly.

For further information on the project proposals please contact either the CoM East National Office or directly the applicant municipalities.

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Sorry, currently there are no project proposals in Azerbaijan.

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