EU-funded project “Covenant of Mayors - East Phase III” organized a high-level key stakeholders meeting
EU-funded project “Covenant of Mayors - East Phase III” organized a high-level key stakeholders meeting

On 19 May 2022, a meeting between various interested key stakeholders in the framework of the EU-funded project “Covenant of Mayors - East Phase III” was held in Tbilisi. The meeting was aimed at  presenting the project’s new phase to high level representatives of key national institutions (the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, the Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development) and  at discussing country specific effective activities for Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAP) development and implementation. That is, the aim of the meeting was to involve not only MoESD and MoEPA, but also other key stakeholders (MoF, MoIRD) in the Covenant of Mayors’ policy for the implementation of SECAP through local funding instruments, and also to promote financing of sustainable energy investment projects implementation. 

Thus, the overall objective of this kick-off event was to initiate collaboration between CoM - East project team, CNCs, CTCs and other national key stakeholders, while its specific objectives were:

  • to learn on national climate and energy commitments; 
  • to learn on municipal project financing instruments in the country;
  • to present CoM - East III project activities;
  • to discuss relevance and prioritization of CoM - East III activities; 
  • to encourage other than CNC’s (key) stakeholders to support the Georgian signatories in SECAP development and implementation.

Besides, the following issues were also highlighted: identification of the most effective nationally appropriate measure for providing most effective TA to the signatories, continuation of networking with all national key stakeholders and engaging them in advancement of assistance provided to the signatories to meet commitments, reflection of the municipal (SECEP) commitments to the national policies and measures.

In the course of the event, key stakeholders were informed on the CoM - East III political context, its immediate objectives and activities; coordination and communication between CoM - East team and other key stakeholders were initiated; issues related to the country-specific barriers to the development and implementation of municipal bankable projects in terms of funding/financing was discussed; Adhesion Forms from new SIGNs (Oni & Dusheti) were signed. 

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