For the days of sustainable energy, the city of Pology will host a flash mob "Save energy!", an online lesson on climate change and "green" energy, as well as an "EnergyUkraine" photo contest.

In the city of Merefa, a competition of creative works for children "Save the planet!" will be held. A series of online educational events "Energy Efficiency Day" will also be held.

In Sambir, for the EU Sustainable Energy Week, it is planned to hold:
• Thematic lesson "Energy independence is our common cause"
• Master class "Ecological products" from the Sambir school of decorative and applied arts
• Quest "Alternative energy sources" from the Sambir Vocational College of Economics and Information Technologies
• Exhibition "Energy saving - a step to the future"
• Quest "Chain of consumption" from the Sambir Vocational College of Economics and Information Technologies
• Competition of children's drawings "Energy conservation through the eyes of children - 2020"
• Bicycle race "Youth for clean air"
• Thematic classes in preschool educational institutions "Let's save heat in our homes"

In Zhytomyr, it is planned to hold lessons on sustainable energy and climate development in educational institutions and other events:
• Energy patrol of students of energy managers
• Foresight study of zero-carbon development of the Zhytomyr urban territorial community
• Excursion for schoolchildren to the KP "Zhytomyr Tram-Trolleybus Administration" of the Zhytomyr City Council
• Flash mob "Bicycle to work" and flash mob for schoolchildren "Bicycle to school"
• Bicycle school for schoolchildren
• Smartmob for schoolchildren "Umbrella for the planet"

In Konotop, it is planned to hold thematic classes, educational hours, "round tables", exhibitions, presentations in educational and cultural institutions of the city. Conducting practical exercises (games, trainings) in educational institutions on the topic: "Energy saving rules: how to prepare a home for winter." In addition, the following will be held:
• Environmental campaign "Compost weeds - don't smoke!" with the participation of the Station of Young Naturalists.
• Master class "Save energy!" (advice on conducting an express audit of one's own home, how energy-saving measures affect the family wallet; baking "Leaf" gingerbread cookies) with the participation of ZOSH No. 2 and the VPO Center.
• Smartmob through social networks for schoolchildren "Umbrella for the planet!" (take a photo of the process of planting a tree, add a short description about the type of tree, its properties and contribution to the environment).

This year, as part of the EU of Sustainable Energy Week, lessons for general secondary education institutions will be held on energy saving and energy efficiency issues.

Sustainable Energy Day will be held in Lutsk on October 18, 2022. In the city, interactive lessons are planned on the basis of general secondary education institutions on the topic of energy saving and energy efficiency. In the format of interactive communication, students will familiarize themselves with the topics of saving electricity and heat in homes during martial law. Within the framework of the Day of Sustainable Energy, there will be competitions for assembling puzzles with pictures on the topic of energy saving at speed, an energy hackathon, a brain ring and a visual demonstration of energy-saving technologies for students.

The Day of Sustainable Energy will end with an excursion for the students of the city to the boiler house of the DKP "Lutskteplo" on the street. Bozhenka, 32 with a capacity of 5 MW, where they will familiarize themselves with the operation of the solid fuel boiler unit, which was installed according to the EBRD project, which provides hot water and heating to the area of ​​the bearing plant, as well as the boiler room control room.

Novovolyn Lyceum No. 7 will hold an informational event "Methods of saving energy resources. Energy-saving technologies." Students will be informed about the problems of efficiency of energy consumption, use of renewable energy sources, environmental protection and creation of motivation to store energy resources.

The following events are planned to be held in Poltava during September 26-30, 2022 as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week:
• Competition of school drawings;
• Smartmob "Umbrella for the planet "Green city - green planet".

Chortkiv City Council is holding regular Sustainable Energy Days as part of the EU Sustainable Energy Week.

Program of events:
• joining the "Umbrella for the Planet" smartmob. Involvement of children of school and preschool age in planting named trees in the courtyards of educational institutions. Employees of the city council will also take part in the events.
• an interactive event with a demonstration of the case of an energy manager. The event is designed for high school students.
• "Clean shores", cleaning of the coastal strips of the Seret River in the town of Chortkiv with the involvement of employees of communal enterprises.
• carrying out an excursion with the departure of schoolchildren to the hydroelectric power station in the village Bila and in the village Skorodyntsi, planting trees on the banks of the river. The event is designed for high school students.

Also, during the whole week, videos on the topic of energy saving will be broadcast on the information screen on the Heroes of Euromaidan Square in Chortkiv.

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