The special issue is fully devoted to the wide celebration of the EUSEW 2019 and Energy Days organised by the CoM Signatories in 6 Eastern Partnership countries. The Newsletter highlights the vast diversity of activities carried out in the municipalities aimed at promoting energy saving initiatives among citizens and move towards clean, secure and affordable energy.

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Ukraine: Energy Days in Turkа, 3-4/08/2019

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Energy Days in Turka took place from August 3 to 4. The city-signatory of the Covenant of Mayors held a competition for children on the road “Turka have talents”, “My street is the best in the world”, screening films on the theme of energy and resource efficiency, a bike ride and a bicycle race, a city football and street cup other equally creative and active events.

Energy Days in Zhytomyr were held from 7 to 24 June 2019. The city authorities organized a quiz for residents on climate and energy saving, conducted a series of excursions for representatives of OSMD and managers of companies to factories that produce and offer energy-efficient technologies in the field of water supply, LED light, integrated thermo-modernization, video display and bike ride. Most of the activities on climate, energy, energy efficiency and resource efficiency were designed for children, because their consciousness is still being formed and they perceive information faster.

From May 21 to 22 Energy Days were held in Mingechevir, where various events took place on the town square, in schools and other institutions, such as visiting sites, guided tours to facilities using energy-efficient technologies, sports activities (cycling, mini-football), thematic exhibitions, conferences, panel discussions, seminars, round tables, photo exhibitions, creative exhibitions (thematic), concerts, festivals, showing of thematic videos and films, drawing competitions and master classes about how to produce goods, recycle secondary raw materials, produce eco-products, eco-fashion shows, dance workshops, social events on clean water issues: cleaning of the territory, garbage collection, public events on greening cities and green areas, household waste, entertaining themed quests, quizzes.

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