Saturday, 24 September 2022 17:43

Ukraine: "Umbrella for the planet"

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All-Ukrainian flash mob on green planting "Umbrella for the Planet"

Saturday, 24 September 2022 17:42

Ukraine: Visit to the solar power plant

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Meeting of the energy manager of the Demydiv community with the students of the Demydiv Lyceum.
A mini-excursion and discussion of the recently implemented project to install a solar power plant in the Demydiv Lyceum for heating hot water.

Myrhorod will take part in the "Umbrella for the Planet" flashmob, and will also hold a "Bike to Work" flashmob along the embankment. Students will be given a lesson on the use of solar and wind energy.

In the city of Dolyna, educational institutions will hold lessons on the topic: "Energy efficiency and adaptation to climate change." For younger children, cartoons will be shown on the topic of energy saving and frugal use of energy resources.

During the European Week of Sustainable Energy, an excursion to "Promavtomatika", an exhibition of bicycles and the promotion of economical use of energy resources will be held in Vinnytsia.

As part of the Sustainable Energy Week, the following events are planned in the Globyne Territorial Community:
• dissemination of information on energy saving, caring for the environment on the official website of the Globyne community;
• conducting online classes in educational institutions using thematic presentations and videos;
• dissemination of information about economical use of energy sources among the population

In 2022, Lviv will host a drawing contest on asphalt and a scooter race for children. They will also work on spreading the "Energy-efficient exercise" trend. The city will hold open classes on the topic "Energy management in your own home." "Municipal energy management" training will be held for energy managers of structural units of the community.

For the days of sustainable energy, the city of Pology will host a flash mob "Save energy!", an online lesson on climate change and "green" energy, as well as an "EnergyUkraine" photo contest.

In the city of Merefa, a competition of creative works for children "Save the planet!" will be held. A series of online educational events "Energy Efficiency Day" will also be held.

In Sambir, for the EU Sustainable Energy Week, it is planned to hold:
• Thematic lesson "Energy independence is our common cause"
• Master class "Ecological products" from the Sambir school of decorative and applied arts
• Quest "Alternative energy sources" from the Sambir Vocational College of Economics and Information Technologies
• Exhibition "Energy saving - a step to the future"
• Quest "Chain of consumption" from the Sambir Vocational College of Economics and Information Technologies
• Competition of children's drawings "Energy conservation through the eyes of children - 2020"
• Bicycle race "Youth for clean air"
• Thematic classes in preschool educational institutions "Let's save heat in our homes"

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